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Cupcake Tower Rentals

Having an event where you would like to showcase your beautiful cupcakes as the center of attention? Look no further. We have a wide selection of towers that can hold anywhere from a dozen cupcakes to as many as three hundred cupcakes. Have a look below to get a peek of our selection. 

Tower Prices
1 Tier

Holds max. 6 cupcakes, 19 cake pops, 9 push-up pops. $5 Rental Fee.

2 Tier

Holds max. 25 cupcakes, 49 cake pops, 24 push-up pops. $10 Rental Fee.

3 Tier

Holds max. 40 cupcakes, 92 cake pops, 44 push-up pops. $20 Rental Fee.

4 Tier

Hold max. 75 cupcakes, 148 cake pops, 69 push-up pops. $30 Rental Fee.

5 Tier

Hold max. 125 cupcakes, 216 cake pops, 100 push-up pops. $40 Rental Fee.

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